Tuesday, 19 May 2015

How does a sunflower grow?

Pick up your complimentary sunflower seeds from Epping hall St Johns road.Plant the seeds directly into pots or directly into your garden soil.Sunflower prefer grow in a full sunny position of your garden, choose a well-drained location too.

File:Almost There (9145811405).jpg
Water your sunflower every day and feed with a diluted liquid fertilizer solution once a week.Stake your sunflower by using a bamboo cane as it grows as it can become top flowering heavy.

File:Sunflower - geograph.org.uk - 502916.jpg

Take a picture of your full grown sunflower and submit your photo to us at eppinginbloom@gmail.com by August 31st 2015 You could be the winner of the Epping tallest sunflower competition.

Happy growing!
Victoria Robertson

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