Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The school winners of Epping in bloom 2015

On Monday the 29th June the local school children winners of the Epping in bloom design a raised bed competition were invited to the tower road green to see their floral designs.The Epping in bloom team looked through 100's of entries before choosing just five winners.The raised flower beds have been growing well since they were planted on Sunday 31st May.Since then the Epping in bloom team have been watering, dead heading and feeding them to keep them looking great.Deputy mayor councillor Les Burrows presented all the winners with an invitation to collect their award in September.We all enjoyed meeting the winners on Monday.The children were delighted to see their growing floral designs.

Sydney winner from St Johns school 
A delightful fragrant design which includes a willlow deer as a central feature, Lavender, Rudbeckia and Pansies 

Lucy winner from Ivy chimneys 
A simple elegant edible design that includes strawberries and two varieties of sage.

Casimer winner from Coopersale hall school

A vibrant colorful design with marigolds, geraniums and pansies.

Emilia winner from Coopersale & Theydon garnon school.

A fabulous design with grasses and geraniums it looks lovely swishing around when there is a breeze.

Terri winner from Epping Primary school designed this floral extravaganza she was unable to attend.Her family will be visiting the tower road green soon and I'm sure they will email us a picture of her.

Thank you to all the local schools for your amazing support.We have really enjoyed seeing all your creative floral designs.We are hosting a presentation evening in September.All the school designs will be on display and the winners can collect their medals and trophies.

Update by Victoria Robertson Chairmen

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