Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Christmas is coming to Market garden

This Friday we welcome members of the Epping community to come along to our Epping in bloom light switch on.Members of the Epping in bloom team have been working hard together to create a festive area that will help to get you all in the festive mood.This will also help us raise public awareness of the good that Epping in bloom have already started doing together in the town.With your help we want to create a garden that is a user friendly area for 2016.We are appealing for new Epping in bloom active team members to join us.We are also looking for local trades men to help us create a ramp and a fence or wall so local people can access the garden area safely.

Come to our light switch on evening this Friday

Christmas display is now going in

So far we have created an igloo using 310 empty milk cartoons.These were all donated from members of the community and the Theydon Garnon scouts who managed to collect lots between them all.Angela restored the two 4ft penguins that she discovered at Epping primary school.They were once just old bins that were used for the children's litter in the play ground.

The igloo took Gaynor, Victoria and Angela 4.5 hours hours to build.Together we used plenty of hot glue and secured the base down by filling some of the lower cartoons with water. 

To enhance the igloo theme Victoria created these little baby penguins using 1 litre water bottles.She kept them half filled with water so they don't blow away.

Gaynor made holes into the soil using a trowel and secured them in around the Mum & Dad penguin.

Market garden is such a big site so the Epping in bloom team decided to split the Christmas theme up into three different area's rather then creating just one scene.

  • The penguins with their igloo are on the far right.
  • A nativity scene is being painted by the Theydon Garnon scouts onto a 6.4ft piece of outdoor ply that was kindly donated by Travis Perkins.This will be displayed in the center of Market garden.Either side of the nativity we have kindly been donated a couple of trees from Lisa.Les and Brian have now cut down the trees and have brought them to Market garden.They will be placed into the ground on Wednesday and secured.The nativity scene painting will be put into place on Thursday but will be covered over with a sheet and revealed on Friday evening at the light switch on at 6.30pm.

On the left hand side Victoria has created a snowman choir using pieces of wood and added colour and interest by using donated woolen hats and scarfs from local charity shops.The choir members  have all been secured using bricks and bamboo canes.

Two other features will be added on Thursday these include a climbing Santa and lots of snow.The bottle flowers that the school children made for the tower road green will be dotted around the site to bring more festive colour.They will also help to pin down the snow that is on a roll.

M & S are supporting the Epping in bloom team at the light switch on this Friday by supplying softs drinks and cups.There will be some Christmas songs playing and we encourage you to join in singing a few carols with us.

See you on Friday at 6.30pm 

Kind Regards
Victoria Robertson
Chairmen of Epping in bloom 

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