Tuesday, 24 April 2018

New Chairs and picnic bench installed

Thanks to the lovely weather, we have been able to get lots of work done over the past week or
so.New single chairs have been installed in the community garden, as we know not everyone is
comfortable with sitting with strangers. They couldn't have been installed without help from the
Epping Forest Youth Council. With their help we have also managed to paint the new childrens
picnic bench in funky colours. Soon, an adult picnic bench will be out next to it too, so parents
can sit next to their children.

The community picnic on June the 9th will be the perfect time for you to utilize the new benches.
Banners were put up in the community garden this week advertising the day. However, we have
already started to receive ticket requests so you need to reserve them now before they are all

You have contact us soon if you want to be a part of this day!

Email eppinginbloom@gmail.com.

Only 2 tickets per household to Epping residents.

By James

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