Monday, 23 July 2018

New Epping in bloom mascot bike

On the 16th of July, we invited the Epping Open Gardeners to the community garden in Epping for a  'prosecco and pancake' evening. The gardeners got the chance to see the items that we bought with the funds they raised for us. The evening was a thank you to them for their fundraising.

What's more- we now have a new mascot for Epping In Bloom! We thank local resident Sophie for donating the bike that we decorated with lots of silk flowers. Watch out for it around the town- in the community stall on market day, the community garden and Epping Hall.

If you would like to be a part of these great events, or you have a green thumb and would like an outlet for your skills, or if you just want to make your town a nicer place to live, consider becoming a volunteer! We are in need of helpers as we need regular support during this dry, busy summer period.

By James 

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