Monday, 23 July 2018

New Epping in bloom mascot bike

On the 16th of July, we invited the Epping Open Gardeners to the community garden in Epping for a  'prosecco and pancake' evening. The gardeners got the chance to see the items that we bought with the funds they raised for us. The evening was a thank you to them for their fundraising.

What's more- we now have a new mascot for Epping In Bloom! We thank local resident Sophie for donating the bike that we decorated with lots of silk flowers. Watch out for it around the town- in the community stall on market day, the community garden and Epping Hall.

If you would like to be a part of these great events, or you have a green thumb and would like an outlet for your skills, or if you just want to make your town a nicer place to live, consider becoming a volunteer! We are in need of helpers as we need regular support during this dry, busy summer period.

By James 

Tuesday, 3 July 2018


Do you have a green thumb? Would you like to improve your gardening skills? Do you care for your community and like to see the beautiful green spaces around you grow, regardless of ability?
Volunteer for Epping in Bloom!

We meet every Friday, at 10 am. However, if this doesn't fit your schedule, there are definitely jobs for you to do around the community garden.

Summertime is an especially hectic time for the garden so we really need your help with deadheading and cleaning the fallen leaves.

If you'd like to be a part of many fun and engaging events such as our successful open garden day last month (featuring a local brass band and live cooking demonstration using herbs from our garden), please contact Victoria at, or just come along next Friday!

By James Beavis

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

New Chairs and picnic bench installed

Thanks to the lovely weather, we have been able to get lots of work done over the past week or
so.New single chairs have been installed in the community garden, as we know not everyone is
comfortable with sitting with strangers. They couldn't have been installed without help from the
Epping Forest Youth Council. With their help we have also managed to paint the new childrens
picnic bench in funky colours. Soon, an adult picnic bench will be out next to it too, so parents
can sit next to their children.

The community picnic on June the 9th will be the perfect time for you to utilize the new benches.
Banners were put up in the community garden this week advertising the day. However, we have
already started to receive ticket requests so you need to reserve them now before they are all

You have contact us soon if you want to be a part of this day!


Only 2 tickets per household to Epping residents.

By James

New planting area's for all to enjoy

The Police Cadets and the Epping Forest Youth Council have gave us a lot of help on their last day of half term with planting the new herb garden. We are beyond grateful for their help, the
help of the community health and wellbeing team and for Tesco for helping to fund it. It is down
by the Epping Sports Centre, so if you haven't been down to see it yet, we encourage you to go
down and see it. We have already seen great reviews.

Not only this, but a new galvanized dry garden area was installed this week opposite the
vegetable garden. Our newest member, Lucy, will look after this new area. She won in year one
the Tower Road Green Competition, representing her school, Ivy Chimneys.
We hope you'll come down and see it all now that we finally have some nice weather.

By James

Monday, 29 January 2018

Visit Our Community Garden!

Over the past month the community garden has bloomed. Several inter jobs have been completed, including the new soil and wood-chip that has been laid. New growth has begun in the herb garden, which was topped up with fresh soil only a few days ago. New pots have been added and a few new signs have been installed. Not only that, but some beautiful flowering plants have been added too- I definitely recommend that you take a look some time soon.

We also want to thank the wonderful local Epping residents and Marks and Spencer’s for their kind pot additions. We can all agree that they are great additions to the garden.

2018 has just begun but already our garden is starting to grow. The new year will also bring more special community days, edible produce and 600 spring flowering bulbs will appear. That’s a lot to look forward to, and I hope that you enjoy what is yet to come.

We urge you to donate and volunteer wherever and whenever you can; the garden wouldn’t exist without its hardworking and dedicated volunteers. If you love the area you live in and would like to see it flourish in the new year please email for more details.

By James 

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Epping in bloom ask for community garden helpers!

On Friday 19th August we are asking for local community members to join us to help clear away any weeds or rubble and to make the site at market garden towards the rear of M&S in Epping flat by using a rake.A heavy duty membrane will then be laid over the whole site to help suppress the weeds.A large triple layered herb bed will be planted in the center this will be a pick your own area feature of the garden and will hopefully encourage the community to use the herbs when cooking.Also some gravel grids will be placed near the new fence to neaten up the edge.Seating and raised beds will be added along with a path at a later date.

If you have any herbs growing in your garden that you could donate other than mint please pop along and drop them off from 10.00am if you unable to help with preparations.

If you can help with the garden preparations please wear suitable clothing, wear gardening gloves, bring a rake and scissors if you have them too.

For more details or enquirers email

Kind Regards
Victoria Robertson

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Anglia in bloom Judges come to Epping

On Friday 8th July the Anglia in bloom judges came to Epping to look at four floral sites in the town.On arrival to Epping hall the judges watched a 15 minute slide show of Epping in bloom progress in the town so far presented to them by chairmen Victoria Robertson.The two judges Nolan and David were then driven to four sites by Victoria who was accompanied by Beverley Rumsey Town clerk.

First stop was at the Memorial barrel on the fire station green.Where John Duffel and the president of Epping royal British legion Kevin Toole spoke to the judges about the memorial barrel.

Second stop was at the Tower road green where the six local school design winners were waiting to talk to the judges with their parents and school teachers about their deigns.

Third stop was Epping train station where judges met Tina who works at the station.Tina looks after all the plants which include the ones Epping in bloom donated to brighten up the station.Epping in bloom donated £300 towards the cost of the hanging baskets flowers and potted plants which included herbs and vegetables.Epping in bloom volunteer Carol Durstan-White selected the plants from Matthews plants in Nazeing.The peach and orange begonias help to complement the brickwork .Matthew also donated two giant geraniums.Tina has added to the collection by planting her own seeds and shrubs.She loves looking after the plants she dead heads them and waters them every day.The judges said it is the cleanest station they have ever seen.

4th stop and final stop was at the floral beds at the top of Epping town near the council offices they are looked after by EFDC.They are planted in the colours red, white and blue to celebrate the queens 90th birthday.The mayor Les Burrows, deputy mayor Tony Church came along with Michael Wright.The judges were then taken back to Epping hall where refreshments were served.

The judges were presented with a memory stick that includes 30 photos for a chance to enter an additional 6 special Anglia in bloom floral categories for Epping.They have taken our entries away with them.

We will receive the results from Anglia in bloom sometime in September.To read more about the day click here >

Kind Regards
Victoria Robertson